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c Nicklas Gustafsson, 2016. ISBN 978-91-7258-993-3 (printed). ISBN 978-91-7258-994-0 (pdf). This book was typeset by the author using LATEX. Printed by Ineko, Gteborg, 2016. Keywords Momentum Strategy, Idiosyncratic Volatility, Comovement, Risk. Management, Transaction Cost, Overreaction, Investment. Background In recent times there has been some controversy regarding the returns from passive investment strategies compared with active investment strategies. Your lifes work is something to be proud of, and to protect. Together, your career, your family, your beliefs, your assets and your legacy tell your story. You deserve an investment manager who will attend to the details of your full picture and to whom you can look for knowledge, care and disciplinefor the long haul.

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Investor Behaviour in the Mutual Fund Industry A thesis submitted to

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INTRODUCTION TO INVESTMENT What is Investment? An investment is the choice by the individual, after thorough analysis, to place or lend money in a vehicle (e.g. Training And Development A Cost Or An Investment Management Essay. Print. and who obtain the return on investment. Management Essay Writing Service Essays. Mar 23, 2015. The year 1993 was a remarkable turning point in the Indian Mutual Fund industry. The stock investment scenario till then.