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Education isnt limited to schools it starts at home. What should Latino parents do to be leaders in their childrens lives and inspire educational achievement? Nov 2015 Introduction Parents play an important role in the lives of their children. of Parents Essay on Role of Science and Technology in Education. 24 Jun 2011 And there is no doubt that it plays an important role in our society. Jun 24, 2011. I think parents are the most important factor in their childrens lives. Whether they are with their children two hours a day or twelve, parents are special to children. They make the most difference during their childhood. Furthermore, they make the great impact on the rest of their lives. As I have mentioned. For most children, the most important role models are their parents and caregivers, who have a regular presence in their lives. As a parent, it is impossible to not model. Your children will see your example positive or negative as a pattern for the way life is to be lived. Depending on what you do or do not do, you can be. Aug 7, 2014. It is after all first from them that we learn about ourselves and our world. However what greatly limits the quality of our life is if we dont transition into our own way of living and being as we grow into adults. In this essay we will explore the challenges of living based on the expectations of our parents, and the.

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