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The Oaks Lakes Sessay, Thirsk, United Kingdom. 3.6K likes. Sports Recreation. Semi-Success at Sessay!. On Alders lake, I know maggots and worms and casters work well, as there are a lot of big ide to go for as well as carp. Algebra homework help formulae The Oaks lakes at Sessay in North Yorkshire is home to for both match and pleasure. Alders Match on 41 pegs 4,. lake was opened 1998 cater ever growing scene 215.

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The Alders match and pleasure fishing lake has 41 pegs and holds carp up to 12lbs. The Oaks Lakes Sessay, Thirsk, United Kingdom. 3.6K likes. Sports Recreation. Ripon Anglers matches at Oaks complex Sessay. General - Public Area.. Next Week we are on Alders Lake Low Numbers if anyone fancies joining us. suggsy Top Poster.