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For Lovers Only is a 2011 romance film directed by Michael Polish, written by Mark Polish and produced by The Polish brothers and Sean OGrady. The film stars Stana Katic and Mark Polish. It was expected to be released in theaters in the United States in June 2011, but eventually adopted an online distribution strategy. Jul 22, 2015. What strikes me about the Katic resume is that there arent any roles where shes just there as eye-candy and theres no doubt shes beautiful enough to play any number of roles that require nothing but the ability to be hot on film. This speaks to the choices Katic didnt make when going to audition and. Come this way, Mr. Belmour we will watch them at a distance, that no harm may happen between them, and talk to the girl first. The monster I Exeunt. Enter Sir John Dorilant and Modely. Mod.. Entering, and loohing after Ara. and Bel. They are together still I But let me resume my nobler self. Sir J. Dor. Why will you follow. none

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For Lovers Only (film)

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Apr 10, 2011. Interview Mark and Michael Polish on For lovers only. Pour la version traduite en franais de linterview, cliquez ici. Michael and Mark Polish. Films de Lover Since its really hard to find something about For lovers only on the internet, can you tell us a few words about the story of the film ? Have you. Apr 10, 2011. Interview Mark and Michael Polish on For lovers only. Pour la version traduite en franais de linterview, cliquez ici. Michael and Mark Polish. Films de Lover Since its really hard to find something about For lovers only on the internet, can you tell us a few words about the story of the film ? Have you.