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The Purpose and Value of Labor Support Written by Ashley Lovell for Submission to DONA Certification Committee The purpose of labor support is to give value to and uphold the mothers How much more helpful in life would it be for this to be a memory that they can cherish and happily share with their child one day? Thats why the role of labor support is so important! Mar 12, 2017. This essay shows that the relationship between the labour theory of value and the concept of exploitation is one of mutual irrelevance.. Accordingly, faced with problems such as that of inefficient labour, many Marxists propose a mixed formulation, the purpose of which is so to modify the popular doctrine. school and college has an effective partnership with employers to support young people. As well as. the first collection of research essays on the subject Understanding Employer Engagement in. Education. The current generation of young Britons leaving education have never gone into the labour market with more.

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