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We surveyed literature. The full automation of systematic reviews that. Rea B, Okazaki N, Procter R, Thomas J Supporting systematic reviews using text. Figures. Full Text. Footnotes. References. LITERATURE REVIEW. 3.1. Step 1 General database search. Searches were made in the following databases Scopus, ScienceDirect, EBSCOHost, Web of Science, ACM Digital library, AISel, Google Scholar, and Proquest. Therefore, this literature review is intended to provide empirical and conceptual insight into the emerging phenomenon of addiction to SNSs by (1) outlining SNS usage patterns, (2) examining motivations for SNS. Article Versions. Abstract. Full-Text PDF 286 KB. Preparing Scholarly Reviews of the Literature. finding the full text online when available,. Assessing the literature review that informed the study Literature reviews are summaries of the literature on a particular. look in the text immediately following the article title for a indication of what type of. information like reports and statistics are often freely available on government and organisation websites. OpenGrey is a freely available database of European grey literature, mainly comprising technical or research reports, doctoral theses, conference papers, and official publications. There is very little full text, but details of.

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