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Mar 20, 2017. Studying the English language has a more obvious practical application it can help you to use the language more effectively. (Sidney Greenbaum and Gerald Nelson, An Introduction to English Grammar, 2nd ed. Longman, 2002) Grammar is the study of how sentences mean. And that is why it helps. She compares grammar to the frame of a house, which is a decisive factor to ensure the solidness of it. Additionally, she regards grammar as a walking stick, whose function is to help and support students to learn English. Thus, the nature of grammar instruction manifests its own significance as it helps students show. editor resume grammar teaching as well as the results in Japanese schools, advantages and disadvantages of grammar. It considers Japanese students purposes of English learning, and how grammar is taught. Further, it. students the primary reason for learning English in high school is to pass entrance examinations. Teachers.

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