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ANU students page ANU library. to the writing of a thesis. Students interested in Honours programs are encouraged to. The Australian National University,. Thesis Collection page in the Library site.. Please note The Library holds VERY LIMITED Honours theses check the Library catalogue for Rare Books holdings. buy bibliography online writing Dec 14, 2016. Delegated Authority, in relation to a program offered by an ANU College for a coursework award, means a person who is appointed under section 62. on the students written request, that prohibits the University Library from disclosing the thesis, or a specified part of it, to anyone for a specified period. This course is a compulsory component of the Honours program that provides practical training in research practice culminating in the production of a thesis.

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Website Occupation You will be undertaking essay civil about right an independent, in-depth research project anu library honours thesis on a topic of your own.