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Dec 3, 2015. Modern civilization has advanced by leaps and bouds. We ahve progress in every sphere of life, and our life is certainly more comfortable than that of our forefathers. And yet, are we happier than them? a comparison of the life in the time of our ancestors and life as it is lived today should help us arrive at an. online with no plagiarism for kids Sep 5, 2014. We are far more powerful than our ancestors, but are we much happier? Historians seldom stop to ponder this question, yet ultimately, isnt it what history is all about? Our understanding and our judgment of, say, the worldwide spread of monotheistic religion surely depends on whether we conclude that it. This is where we can be creative, spontaneous and live a fulfilling and happy life. According to Maslow, we need all these basic things before we can achieve happiness.Are we happier than our forefathers? The question probably wants us to take into account the fact that we now have technology and modern gadgets that. Apr 2, 2011. Man of today, particularly the youth, feels that man of today is happier than his ancestors. In this age of Science, life is secure, sage and comfortable.

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