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Find the right resume keywords by using the keywords in your job description. Resume advice, helpful examples, and resume tips. Key Words That Should Be on Every Petroleum Engineers Resume. But there is still and always will be a need for petroleum engineers. The industry may be changing. Mar 23, 2013. Having the keywords and key phrases within your resume has become a mandatory requirement. Your resume in relation to talent management systems (previously referred to as resume management systems) is much like a website in the eyes of Google. When individuals input certain keywords into an. To ensure that a prospective hiring manager does not add your resume to the pile of discarded ones lying in the corner, here are a few skill-set words that you should. Article by Debra Wheatman, tips on updating your resume.. Follow these five steps to creating a brand-relevant resume. Headline. A headline on a resume is akin to a blog or newspaper headline. It is a brief five to. Save the valuable headline space for key words that define your brand. Profile. The profile is also called a.

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