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Bravermans deskilling thesis - this is a Prezi presentation covering Bravermans deskilling thesis. It deals with Marx, Taylorism and an evaluation of Braverman. The significance of work and worklessness for peoples lives and life chances, including the effects of globalisation. What is worklessness?- this article explains the. Research Paper On Purchase Intention Nov 7, 2014. A heavy reliance on computer automation can erode pilots expertise... leading to what Jan Noyes, a human-factors expert at Britains University of Bristol, calls a deskilling of the crew. (Contrast that with Chesley Sullenbergers highly skilled, manual safe ditching of his US Airways Airbus A320 a few. designed to defend or attack his main thesis. Bravermans argumentation in favour of the understanding that a deskilling of work was occurring specifically centred on the scientific management approach and its (alleged) focus on the tightly controlled, hierarchical, cost- lowering and productivity-oriented division of labour.

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Deskilling is the process by which skilled labor within an industry or economy is eliminated by the introduction of technologies operated