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In essence, the nursing profession has very much been around since the beginning of time, though has drastically evolved over the course of history. Today, nurses are one of the most important professions within the health care industry and are learned in a wide range of occupational duties that are utilized within a variety. World History of NursingBibliographic information Title Historical Encyclopedia of Nursing Author Mary Ellen Snodgrass Edition illustrated Publisher Diane Over time there have been numerous books about the degree of relevance that nursing is given as a profession and as a form of science. This paper shall seek to. historical development of nursing research SlideShare. Miscellaneous Essays Nursing History. 6 Jan 2011 The history of nursing has its origins in the care of infants and children, so all Essay on Nur 443 History of Nursing Research Worksheet. in France.

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Appropriate nurse staffing has been an issue facing nurse managers for decades. It requires a sensitive touch due to the variable dynamics of healthcare..