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Many candidates are afraid of being rejected for a job interview, which severely dents their confidence level and makes them forget the big picture. but if you know how to overcome the anxiety the candidate can learn to think constructively and use that fear of rejection to foster their core strengths which eventually help. With Guerrilla Resumes you can get more job interviews and get hired by Americas top employers, practically at will, any time you want. Mar 30, 2010. In my opinion, there are two things most job seekers do wrong they are too general and they are too boring. I frequently write about the 1 problem of entry-level candidates lack of focus. If you want to get hired today, you have to be a perfect fit, and its OK to adjust your marketing materials (resume andor. Aug 23, 2011. You Guerrilla doubters out there are going to appreciate this article because it is added proof that a Guerrilla Resume simply is not everyones favorite flavor and that our methods are especially disliked by many so-called, process oriented job experts out there. One of our current students (Mark G.) who is. Resume Lingerie or Guerrilla Resume. But were not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even our minimum hourly consulting fee of 150.

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Guerrilla Resume

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