Regan Animal Rights Essay

In The Case for Animal Rights, Tom Regan takes a Kantian approach and believes that like humans, animals should be treated as ends-in. From the essay,. In the modern era, there are many, such as Regan, who submit that perhaps the next logical evolution in our expanding moral universe is animal rights, treating animals with certain inalienable levels of treatment Regan makes clear that animal rights generally.

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Animal Rights (Tom Regan etc) Essay Examples

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Animal rights is a very controversial issue with many different groups of people with differing opinions that want their voices on this issue heard. Many of these. TOM REGAN Utilitarianism, Vegetarianism, and Animal Rights. Philosophy is notorious for its disagreements. Give two philosophers the same premises and we are. section of this essay. To begin I shall note that Singer, for his part, might accept (a) that is, he might accept the view that the idea of animal rights is at least.