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so i also had the same problems with my computer saying flopy disk faild press f1 to continue or del to setup and it was fixed by what you said about the (halt at no errors) on the bios. Similar issue here (No SCSI Boot Device Found SCSI BIOS not installed!) but with a PE 1600SC. Had to install NT4 on it, and have added another 72-GBHdd for mirroring, and an Adaptec SCSI Press F1 to Run SETUP Press F2 to Load default values and countinue TechCom English. Loading. Unsubscribe from TechCom English? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. Subscribe Subscribed Solution for windows boot up problem when reporting press F2 to enter BIOS settings.. When press the power button to boot a desktop or laptop, Windows struck on boot screen and reports alerting message Press F2 to enter Setup. For example, some computer may need to press F1 or Del button to enter BIOS setup.

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