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Seamus Heaney was born in Northern Ireland in 1939. Heaneys father was a farmer, and a cattle dealer,. Seamus Heaney Essay Chimney Sweeper Analysis buying papers online Jul 13, 2017. Seamus Heaney employs a great figure of poetic devices in order to research the subject of adult females in his verse form The Wifes Tale. The free-verse piece characteristics in Heaneys 1969 aggregation A Door into the Dark. is non-rhyming. and is divided into four stanzas of seven. twelve. seven. The poems become what Heaney at the time hoped was possible for his region the preservation of both Irish and English traditions by a fusion that transcended either of them separately. Digging, a celebrated poem from this volume, illustrates this idea. It memorializes the typical work he associated with his fathers and.

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