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Its a less aggressive form of argumentation than, say, the Toulmin method or 5-paragraph essay, where a claim is made with little regard to the feelings of someone who opposes your view. With the Rogerian Method, the goal is to build toward a common understanding, to open you and the person you are speaking to. A successful Rogerian argument essay structure spends time discussing opposing positions. This is what sets the Rogerian essay apart from other types of papers. Rogerian Essay The the will be used is Ban on Smoking in Public Places. This essay should be between 600 and 700 words, excluding the required annotated bib Use the Rogerian model when your audience is hostile and non-conciliatory. This method is also known as the non-adversarial or WIN-WIN argument model. This method is used in labor-management disagreements, international peace treaties, marriage counseling, and other highly contentious settings. Follow these. The Rogerian essay closes not by asking readers to give up their own positions on the problem but by showing how the reader would benefit from moving toward the.

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