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I am a young, boy still in my teens. You may think I am too young to understand the value of money. But your fears are wrong. Were I a millionaire this is. Sep 14, 2016. If I Were A Millionaire. Essay No. 01. We have often heard old people advise the young ones not to indulge in wasteful talk about the past and future by quoting the following lines from H.W. Longfellow Trust no future, however pleasant,. Let the dead past bury its dead. Act, act in the living present,. I am a poor boy and have very little chance of handling huge amount of money but if a miracle happens and I find myself in possession of million rupees Related. Sep 7, 2008. If I were a Millionaire. Million rupees is quite a big sum, even when the rupee is so much devalued. Oh! How wonderful it would be if I were ever to get a million rupees and what, yes, what would I do with it. Just let me think and make out my plans for, one never knows when Lady Luck comes and knocks at.

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